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  • VestaCP as control panel
  • Unlimited Traffic + DDoS Mitigation
  • Top-Quality processors
  • High amount of RAM
  • Great Networks
  • Prepaid (no contract term!)

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8.99 € / monthly
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Web Hosting Features

Nice Control Panel

Manage everything as FTP, Web, Databases and such in VestaCP - a powerful control panel

High Availability & DDoS Mitigation

Our servers are DDoS protected and have an uptime of 99,99%!


Packages which cost more, have a higher priority in fetching requests and scale automatically

Great Network

Your website is placed in Germany, Duesseldorf which offers you great pings worldwide

Secure Backups!

You can set-up automatic backups of your hosting which are secured

Unlimited Bandwidth

Your bandwidth is unlimited based upon a fair-use concept and can be lowered if you overuse it



At the start, we will inform you to keep your traffic watched. If it keeps using too much you will be lowered and maybe suspended until you solved the issue. Such high traffic can be caused by big download servers.
Yes, you basically get a YOURNAME.king-solutions.cloud sub-domain. A top-level-domain like .de or .com is not included due to our pre-paid terms. If you want such a domain, then please order it here and write in the where to forward to field: "Link to my hosting HOSTINGNAME".
Only if you own a top-level-domain. If so, contact the support for it.
Allowed is nearly everything which is legal, even small download servers as long as they don't let our traffic explode. Not allowed are illegal/nulled scripts, illegal CMS's, pornographic content and equal stuff which confronts with German law. If you are detected using such illegal and not allowed scripts/software you will be immediately suspended.
Yes, that can be done. For that please contact the support!