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Holdfast: Nations at War Gamserver Hosting

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  • DDoS Protection
  • All game modes supported
  • FTP Access
  • Automatic Restart if crash/Restart Planner

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Choose the start game mode, the wished location and the slot amount.


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Order the server and quickly pay it. Remember: We are using a prepaid system!


Quickly have your server ready

After the payment was done, your server will be ready in max. 60 seconds!

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Disk Space
5 GB
DDoS Protection
0,00 € / monthly

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frequently asked

question & answers!

This opens the early access clause. King Solutions guarantees to update your server within 24 hours after the update was pushed. Of course, it can happen earlier but this clause just makes sure, you can't complaint about it (only after 24 hours).
Simply: No. You pay the server infront for 30 days, if you don't pay it anymore then it will just be deleted after -2 days.
This is theoretically possible but not automated. For such wishes please contact our support!