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King Solutions

Welcome to our website, we hope that you enjoy your stay!
King Solutions is offering several high-quality Services at competitive prices!

You can order cheap servers right now! The servers are set up in less than one minute!

Here you can look at our Hosting Locations: Check our datacenters!

Individual & Customizable

All our services are perfect for individuals like you. Customization is one important fact which is brought with us and our services.

Great Network

Our data centres are connected to high quality and strong network lines. We offer 1 Gbit/s uplink for sure, this makes your services work smooth and fast.

Top quality hardware

We always guarantee up-to-date and high-quality hardware on our machines. Based up on newest technologies like SSD, AMD Ryzen 7 1700X or DDR4 RAM!

Fast & easy

Everything is easy! Our services are designed to get managed and administrated really easy and fast. We promise that!

Free Support

We offer free, friendly and fast support over E-Mail, Steam or live chat. You are our customer - you are the king!

Handcrafted Control Panel

Our control panel was custom made by us especially for you. It's easy to use and powerful!

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